Booking Terms and Conditions

Charter booking terms and conditions:

Confirmations: Bookings are not confirmed until a 20% deposit is paid.  Payment can be made via bank transfer or PayID.

Payment: Full payment, including bond of $1000, is required at least 14 days prior to charter by direct deposit or PayID.

December bookings: Full payment is required 30 days prior to departure.

Cancellations:  Cancellations requested in writing/email more than 30 days prior are eligible for a full refund. Cancellations made between 14 and 30 days prior will forfeit their deposit. There is no refund offered for cancellations made less than 14 days prior.

Postponement:  No surcharge applies for changes made more than 30 days prior. Changes less than 30 days prior incur loss of deposit. Changes cannot be made less than 14 days prior. Postponement by us due to mechanical failure will not incur loss of any money, and every effort will be made to re-book at the next available suitable date, however our liability is limited to monies paid.

Complimentary Gift Vouchers & Discounted Rate bookings: Complimentary Gift Vouchers and discounted rates are subject to availability and are at management discretion. A total black-out period for all complimentary gift vouchers and discounted rate applies from 19th December until and including 26th January every year. Complimentary Vouchers are not to be used on Saturdays throughout the year, over weekends (Friday, Saturday & Sundays) and public holidays in peak season from mid-October until Mid-March. Management decision is final in these matters.

Inclement or Unsafe Weather: Management determines the suitability of conditions and the possibility of postponement on the day of the charter. In the case of an approved postponement, any monies paid will be held by yacht management for a future booking for up to 6 months to be put towards another charter, after which it shall be forfeited and no refund of any amounts paid will be refundable under any circumstances. Rain or wind are not considered unsafe unless extreme or very stormy but management will not be unreasonable in deferring any charter when the conditions look bleak for at least half of the charter period. If we agree to a charter being deferred to another date we will only agree to one such deferral. The cost of any food catered for (not applicable for BYO charters) will not be refunded or transferred to the next charter.

Catering: Final numbers required 7 days prior to departure. Catering cannot be cancelled inside this time and you will be charged regardless of your consumption. Note that this does not apply to BYO charters where charterers bring their own food and beverage.

Attire: Strictly NO HIGH HEELS. Please ensure your guests do not wear black soled shoes, hard soled shoes or high heel shoes as these can mark or damage the deck and may be slippery. White soled joggers, boat shoes or bare feet are best. Comfortable loose clothing is recommended.

Charter area: We are limited to a maximum of 30 passengers within the harbour and 8 offshore. Numbers include infants and children as well as extra staff or entertainment.

Liability: Charterers should be aware that sailing does come with some inherent risks. These risks can be falling overboard, drowning, slipping on wet floors or decks, falling over, shark attack, being hit with boom, ropes and other objects, getting wet (including cameras etc), getting fingers/limbs caught in windlass or winches but not just limited to these risks. Management will take all necessary steps to reduce the possibility of these risks occurring and by now advising charterers of these risks.

Management does not accept any liability to any personnel or anything they bring on board the vessel either on their person or with them. Charterers accept these risks, however small and agree to not making any claims on yacht management, their employees or any other person associated with the vessel as a condition of hiring the vessel.

Damage: The charterer is responsible for all damage caused by guests on their cruise. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Damage to the boat with cigarette butts or ash
  • Breaking the marine toilet (e.g. blocking it up by flushing tampons, bottle caps and excessive toilet paper until it overflows). This is the most common damage and costs around $500 and upwards to fix.
  • Scratching / Marking the boat (e.g. with pens, shoes or belts etc.)
  • Excessive mess e.g. created through food fights, champagne showers or generally. Vomit on the yacht is not considered reasonable cleaning. Should any of the aforementioned occur you will incur costs from $100 depending on the severity which will be payable before departing the yacht or be taken from any bond held. If someone is feeling sick they should inform a crew member at the earliest opportunity who can assist.
  • Decorations: We only allow Blu-Tac, no sticky tape for affixing decorations to the boat. Absolutely no glitter or party pops. Any Helium balloons or life size cut-outs will take up space in the main saloon area, these are not to be left floating around on the deck for OH&S. All decorations will have be removed from the boat by the organisers at the time of disembarkation. Any additional time for prior or after the charter will be charged at 50% of the standard rate and has to be booked in advance at a minimum 30 minute slots.
  • Floaties and Water Toys: Any floaties and water toys are to be deflated and removed from the boat at the time of disembarkation. Additional cleaning charges will apply if these are left on board.

Management reserves the right to charge for damage and off load guests or suspend the charter should the team on board feel that the behavior of any guest/s becomes disruptive, rude or their behavior affects the safety of the vessel, crew or other guests.

Responsible service of alcohol applies even with BYO beverages. Management reserves rights to decline boarding of passengers that may be deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or hungover from the previous activities. Substantial food is to be brought and consumed on board. Use of illicit substances and drugs on board is strictly prohibited, any suspicion of use or abuse will result in Marine Police being invited to board the vessel. In case where  customers or their guests breach these conditions, Management reserves the right to terminate the charter early at the nearest wharf without any refunds for the unused component.


Whilst in the majority of cases payment is made before a charter in some cases additional charter time is organised on the day, other services organised or damage done to property that has not been paid for by the conclusion of the charter.

Management in these circumstances reserves the right to pursue recovery action for these monies due and charterers and their agents are aware that any recovery costs will be added to the debt if payment has not been made within 28 days after the amount of the debt has been communicated to the charterer/event organiser.

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