Please note that we are sometimes unable to provide a full range of the options below. We strive to provide fresh delicious food, but occasionally time and distance prevent us from being able to prepare or source some of these items. Please get in touch to discuss what is possible for your party.
The cheapest way to provide food for your event is for you to do it yourself, however if you would rather not have the hassle then we can help. All the options below can be customised to your needs.

All cooking and preparation is performed by your crew. All you need to do is enjoy your event.


Each platter will serve 8-10 people.

  • Grazing Platter – Meats, cheeses, dips, olives, crackers and bread. $120
  • Seafood Platter – Prawns, oysters, smoked salmon all served with lemon wedges and sauce. $150
  • Fruit Platter – Seasonal fruits in bite-sized hunks. $100.

HENS/BUX Nibblies Package

For When You Don’t Want Or Need A Big Meal.

  • Chips and dips, or vegetables and dips.
  • Enough to feed everyone!
  • $60 flat rate regardless of guest numbers. 

BBQ Packages

Quicky BBQ  (3 hour charters) – $12/person

  • Nibblies to start
  • Chicken kebabs or BBQ Sausages in bread (Organiser’s choice)
  • Condiments

Budget BBQ (4+ hour charters) – $25/person

  • Nibblies to start
  • Chicken Kebabs
  • BBQ Sausages in bread
  • Condiments
  • Sweet treats to finish up

Posh BBQ (4+ hour charters) – $40/person. (20 guests max.)

  • Antipasto platter to start
  • Premium butcher supplied eye-fillet steaks
  • Chicken Kebabs
  • Two salads
  • Fresh Dinner Rolls
  • Condiments
  • Sweet treats to finish up