Food and Drink?

You’ll be wanting something to provide to your guests on your yacht charter. We have a 110 litre ice-chest on board for your use, as well as tubs for overflow in case you are catering for a crowd. We can provide ice for you at $5 a bag or you can bring it yourself. You may want to drop off food and drink to us before your charter, and if this is convenient it may save you hassle at the pickup.


If you’re having alcohol, we will require you to have a reasonable amount of food on hand as well. We will be out on the water and the only options to deal with guests who overindulge is for them to be picked up by an expensive water taxi or for XTsea to return to a wharf to put them ashore. Having food will moderate the consumption of alcohol.

Plates, Cutlery, Glasses.

We have plates and cutlery on board, so please do not bring any with you. Plastic or paper items can easily find their way into the water which is why we use solid items. We have a number of wine glasses, however if you are serving other drinks from bottles rather than cans/bottles then we have a limited number of tumblers.

Please note that XTsea is straw-responsible. Being on the water, any carelessly discarded plastic straws go straight into our waterways where they have an immediate impact on the environment, so use of plastic straws onboard is not permitted. If you have a genuine requirement, we have a number of stainless-steel straws available on request.

Food/Drink Catering Options

The cheapest way to cater is for you to do it yourself, but if you would like us to provide food and soft drinks then we are here to help. Many charter boats will be happy to provide platters from the supermarkets and charge you as if a master chef prepared them. But we are looking to be the value option in the market. We will only charge you the cost of the product plus a 20% handling fee.

We can also provide a Premium chef prepared product if desired. This would be supplied to you at cost plus a small handling fee.

All the options below can be customised to your requirements.

If you only require platters, we recommend ordering 3-4 for a group of 30 people.

PLATTERS – caters for 8-10 people

  • Grazing table – Including a combination of cured meats, olives, pate, sundried tomatoes, peppers with cream cheese filling, dips, bread and crackers. $90
  • Premium Antipasto – chef prepared. $110
  • Premium Arabic breads, dips and vegetable sticks. $60
  • A selection of cheeses with gourmet crackers, dried fruit and/or seasonal fruit. $70
  • Chicken, salad and bread rolls $65
  • Premium meat – chicken, beef, lamb souvlaki. $85
  • Wraps – meat and vegetarian options available  from $50
  • Subway Sub Platter – meat and vegetarian options available $60
  • Premium sandwiches – various fillings on white bread cut into triangles. $55
  • Seafood – tiger prawns, oysters, smoked salmon and lemon wedges $110
  • Sushi – small (40 pieces @ $45), medium (50 pieces @$55) and large (60 pieces @ $65) available
  • Fruit pieces – seasonal fruit in bite sized pieces $40
  • Dessert – an assortment of decadent treats. $50
  • Premium desserts – an assortment of mini desserts such as lemon meringue, brownies, friands and macarons. $60


$20 per person : Sausages, garden salad, coleslaw, condiments, bread rolls.

$30 per person : BBQ chicken, kebabs, garden salad, coleslaw, potato salad, condiments, bread rolls.


$10 – $20 per person : Selection of cakes and desserts.

Tea and Coffee

Free! Coffee and Tea available, but it’s instant coffee and teabag tea. But it’s free!!

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