Things to make a Seawind 1160 into a Liveaboard vessel

We have lived aboard XTsea since early 2014. A Seawind 1160 is a very capable vessel, but living aboard is a bit different to going out for a sail for a few weeks. Here are a few of our learnings to make an 1160 into a comfortable home.

They are listed in order from most important to least.

1. Sun/Rain protection of the sleeping cabins.
Some might think this is a strange choice for the top of the list, but we thought long and hard on this. Sleep is quite important to us, and the ATN DORCAP is in our opinion vital to enjoying a good night’s rest. The DORCAP allows any puff of breeze to be funneled into the cabin, keeps rain from light to moderate showers from entering, and keeps the sun from pounding through the hatch all day. Unless we are out to sea, we usually sail with the DORCAP installed as our genoa sits above it, however when we want to clear the deck it is a quick and easy task to remove it. It needs four press-studs and a couple of low-profile strap holders mounted, and guy lines at each corner tie to convenient points.

Anchor – Excel SARCA
Sunshields to the saloon windows
ATN DORCAP over the sleeping quarters
Webasto Thermotop Z/C diesel-powered heater
Solar – At least 750 Watts
Refrigeration. Upgrade the standard fridge!
Tender selection – Highfield 340