Restricted Capacity

Under the current one person per 4 square meter restrictions, our vessel cannot host the number of passengers we normally would.

Our COVID-19 capacity is 22 guests plus two crew. 

If restrictions happen to be reduced and you have already booked then you will be able to bring more people. If restrictions have tightened, we have a relaxed cancellation policy and you may be able to cancel without penalty.


Guest Manifest

For contact tracing, the NSW government require that the details of all guests are recorded. The quick and easy way to do this is through the Service NSW QR code, otherwise a name and contact phone number will required from every person. We will write down this information and retain it for 28 days and will only pass it on to authorities if required. It will NOT be used for any other purpose.

To check-in guests as you are waiting on the dock, jump to https://xtsea.com.au/checkin/ and let them scan the image on your phone.


Social Distancing

Under current guidelines, guests are to maintain a separation of 1.5 metres. This can be a challenge to achieve at the best of times, but in the middle of a party on board a boat it is even more difficult to comply.

Dancing and singing have been deemed hazardous activities, so please do your dancing on the inside! If you are drinking, you are required to be seated.

Your crew will provide gentle reminders.


Food and Drink under COVID-19

When planning your event, you will need to take into account the need to minimize the handling of food and drink.

Self-serve buffet meals are not permitted, which means that meals will need to be prepared and plated and served to guests by our crew. We'll even have to apply your tomato sauce as shared condiments are a no-no too.

Please discuss your plans with us well in advance so we can work together to keep everyone safe.


Deep Cleaning

Between charters we will be performing deep cleaning which will take more time than usual. On days where we have more than one charter, we may need to spread out the times of the charters to allow this cleaning to occur.


Modified Cancellation Policy

We take bookings in advance, sometimes a long time in advance. Understandably we take a deposit to secure these bookings. In the event we have taken a deposit and government policy changes such that the charter cannot proceed you will be refunded in full. If a change in policy results in a reduction of capacity such that 25% of your guests cannot attend, you will have the option of cancelling and receiving your deposit back in full, or going ahead at a discounted rate.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ring Colleen on 0490 175 739