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Nothing beats a day on the water, unless it is a day on the water surrounded by good friends. XTsea can host up to 30 people for your event on glorious Sydney Harbour. Be it a relaxing laze in the sun taking in the sights, a romantic twilight cruise past the Opera House with wine and cheese, or a riotous barbeque with plenty of the frothy stuff, XTsea is perfect for everything.

Your friendly crew will look after the food leaving you free to jump in for a swim. XTsea has the largest size swim-mat as well as a stand-up paddle board and a clear-bottomed kayak. You can rock out with your own music thanks to a bluetooth-enabled sound system.

Cruise the Whitsundays!

It’s hard to adequately describe what spending time on a cruising boat is like. Relaxing days with nothing to do but swim, read, or explore ashore. The social element of spending time with friends and family. The small challenges of living in a dramatically different way to that ashore. Combine that with arguably the best cruising area in Australia and you have the makings of a bucket-list experience.

From June to September, XTsea is available for charter in the Whitsundays. Sleeping 6 guests (or 8 if two people are willing to rough it) it’s perfect for families, small groups, or even romantic getaways.

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