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Welcome to the best-value catamaran charter experience in Sydney. We can host up to 30 guests and offer a full-service charter experience. We guarantee you won’t find a better vessel for your party so please get in touch for a no-obligation chat.

One Simple ALL-INCLUSIVE Rate. $500/hour

What do we mean by “ALL-INCLUSIVE”? It means that’s all you’ll pay. We don’t have any sneaky charges and we don’t charge extra for public holidays. An hourly rate of $500 is all you’ll be charged, every day of the year except New Years Eve. (NYE rate is negotiated.)

If you book directly with us we don’t charge you BYO fees, wharf fees, amenities fees, or make you pay extra to use our watertoys. We don’t charge extra for public holidays and we even provide FREE ICE and FREE DRINKING WATER! Just bring your drinks and your food (or we can cater) and enjoy the day.

Avoid the hassle and extra expense and timewasting when you book through a booking agency. Deal DIRECT with the actual vessel owner-operators and enjoy a cheaper personalised service.


One simple rate.
Every day of the year except NYE.
No extra charges.

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Existing XTsea Bookings

Our Operation

XTsea has been operating on Sydney Harbour since 2018 and has racked up well over 300 charters. XTsea is owned and operated and crewed by Colleen and David – a husband and wife team who have circumnavigated Australia aboard and know her inside and out.

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Happy Guests

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Reviews from actual guests!

Second year using XTSea and second year I can’t fault the experience . Such a perfect day out on the harbour and Colleen and David make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Great value for money also
Mark Gelao
Mark Gelao
Great people, punctual and responsible with what is offered! Thank you for everything offered and for having opened the doors of your home, I hope I have lived up to your home!
Thank you Colleen and David for having us aboard!! They were very accomodating and our party was so much fun, we all had a great night!
Michelle Fu
Michelle Fu
I had the best time out on the harbour with my friends for my hens party! The boat was so clean and it was such a great vibe on board. Colleen and David were great hosts, the grazing boards were a great addition as well. Everyone had such a great time, I will definitely be back on board again!
Emily Champness
Emily Champness
We had a fab time on your boat! Thank so much for having us.
Sarah Craig
Sarah Craig
We had a fantastic time aboard the XTsea for my birthday. Colleen was very helpful talking through everything before the event and going the extra mile. Thanks again David and Colleen, we would highly recommend and will love to be back onboard!
Laura Crawshaw
Laura Crawshaw
Coleen and David have been amazing. Their service was beyond what we all expected. Thanks for a great day. Next time again!!!
amarsanaa uranchimeg
amarsanaa uranchimeg
Coleen and David were wonderful and accommodating hosts. They prepared and served all the food we brought quickly and without hassle. They were open to travelling to various locations within the harbour. The boat is clean and in good condition, and swimming equipment is provided! Overall 5/5 stars.
Tristan Walsh
Tristan Walsh
Had my wife’s 33th birthday party on Saturday, very impressed with how spacious the boat was, even had a space for a dance area on the boat heaps happy with that. All 27 guest on board also where extremely impressed and the two boat people had been so helpful and friendly. Would go again and highly recommend..
Brian Healy
Brian Healy

Points of difference

There are plenty of charter boats in Sydney. Why should you choose XTsea?


XTsea boasts a stunning 2000W audio system pumping into 11 speakers. A 10 inch subwoofer gives the music a depth that will make you think you are front row at a rock concert. If you want it loud, it'll be loud!

Full Service

We always run a two-person crew and we do all the work so you can enjoy yourself. We do all the cooking and make sure everything runs smoothly. All you need to do is grab yourself a drink and just have a great day.

Watertoys. All FREE.

Fancy getting wet? We have on board the largest-sized Aqua Lilypad, a Hobie Stand-up stepperboard, a Stand-up paddleboard, and a one-person kayak. All toys are provided absolutely FREE!

Free Ice!!

We provide ice free to all charters! You don't have to lug melting bags of ice to your event because we do it for you. That's right.. FREE.

Tender available

We have a 3.2m tender which we use when needed. Late guests arriving? Guests leaving early? Shoe floating away? RIB to the rescue!

Free Water!!

We have beautiful filtered fresh drinking water readily available on-tap. This reduces our plastic refuse and saves you expense and effort.

Curly the furbaby

Pets? We love 'em!

Your well-behaved furchild or companion animals can come and enjoy the day with you! You'll be responsible for their behaviour and safety, and make sure other guests are okay with them. Be prepared for your animals to be spoiled rotten and cuddled mercilessly by the pet-deprived crew.


We do everything we can to keep our eco-footprint as small as possible. Instead of cheap single-use plastic cups and plates we provide quality durable items. You'll have access to beautiful filtered drinking water from a tap instead of bottles, and everything electrical runs on solar instead of a generator.

LGBTQI+ welcome

We celebrate diversity and love nothing better than Kylie, Cher, or Lady Gaga bangin' on our sound system. Your lifestyle is your choice and we welcome you to celebrate on board with us in whatever way makes you happy. Some of our best events on board have been LGBTQI+ parties so bring it on!


Our calendar is available online 24/7 and is ALWAYS up to date. Click on the link to see what’s available.

If you are our first charter of the day, you get to pick the time! Unlike most charter boats, we don’t try to lock you into a time that suits us. Other bookings we get for the day will have to work around you!

Our maximum capacity is 30 guests and two crew, but that’s a very crowded boat if the weather isn’t great. If you are worried about rain you might like to limit yourself to 20-25 guests or so to make things more comfortable.

We can pickup or dropoff practically anywhere. As well as the popular Darling Harbour points, we can use any ferry terminal and even public jetties. Pick a spot that’s convenient to you and your guests and we’ll figure something out.

We do not hold a liquor licence so you need to supply your own drinks and you can bring whatever you like! Spirits are not a problem, but bear in mind if you are intending to have a lot of alcohol available you’ll need to supply an appropriate amount of food. You can also arrange for drinks to be delivered to us beforehand by any of the online retailers.

Vaping is allowed OUTSIDE but smoking is not permitted.

Yes. Yes we do. Free ice and free drinking water for all charters.

No. We supply everything except your food and your drink. We try to eliminate single-use plastics so we supply quality items that won’t end up in landfill for many years.

You will be required to remove any footwear and socks before boarding.

We have an enormous AquaLilypad swimmat, a Stand Up Paddleboard, a Hobie Stepperboard (massive fun and so stable!) and a single person kayak.

All our toys are completely FREE to use.

Our advice is that there isn’t any spare vertical spaces to hang decorations, and trying to put up anything in a crowded boat is going to be a challenge. Usually decorations are returned at the end of the charter unopened, so save yourself some money and time and don’t bother.
We do not allow balloons as there is no space for them and they are very detrimental to the marine environment.

Firstly, ABSOLUTELY NO SPARKLERS!! Sparkles are small pieces of molten metal and they cause immense damage to the plastic coating of a boat. Candles we can handle.
Unless you have a bunch of teenage kids, cakes generally don’t work on a boat. After a few drinks, the last thing people want is a piece of cake.
We provide plates and servingware.

Awesome! How do I book?

It’s so easy to make a booking with XTsea. Our calandar is always up-to-date and you can see our availability 24/7. If we have a time open that suits you, just start the conversation by email or phone or text. We’ll discuss the options and help you plan what’s best for your event and pin down all the details. A 20% deposit will lock you in, and you’ll find our conditions very generous if things change for you.
The summer season is incredibly popular and most boats will be completely booked out for popular days four months in advance. Plan your event EARLY!
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