Top Tips For Your Charter


Ride on Time - Black Box

Everybody needs to be ON TIME

If you are hosting a party at home, at work, or in a park, it's not a real problem if someone arrives late. Sure they might miss the first round of drinks or not get to try the appetizers, but it's not a biggie. However when you charter a boat it's a major problem.

The wharfs are used by many vessels, and there are rules about their use. Some wharfs require booking, and if guests are sufficiently late, we will be unable to pick them up from that wharf and have to wait in a queue at a public or ferry wharf.

Please ensure that ALL of your guests are at the pickup point at least 15 minutes before boarding. Also make sure you and your guests know precisely where the pickup is.

Be ON THE WHARF as XTsea approaches so that time is not wasted rounding up everyone and everything. Don't be shy! 

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag - James Brown


Please discourage guests from bringing a lot of stuff to your party. If infants are attending please have parents leave the pram in the car and have them carry their babies.

Bring a hat... but be prepared to lose it if it's a windy day and it's not on tight.

Cows With Guns - Dana Lyons

Simple food only - and not too much of it.

XTsea has a wonderful BBQ and a small oven and a small microwave. Please do not bring masses of food or anything that requires a lot of complex preparation.

Meat for the BBQ should be ready to cook! Anything still frozen will make life difficult and gives disappointing results. If you want melt-in-the-mouth steaks, they should be room temperature. 

XTsea is a full-service experience and your crew will prepare and present the food for you so that you can relax and enjoy the party.

It is NOT a good idea to tell everyone to bring along a plate of food! This always results in WAAAAY too much food of which only a quarter even gets opened and a whole lot of food in containers which have to be carried off and sorted out at the end of the event.

Make sure you have given all your food to the crew when you board. We can't cook what we don't know about. Food will go to the galley side of the boat and personal bags go to the left.

If you have vegan/vegetarian/allergy issues, LET THE CREW KNOW EARLY so that we can deal with them.

Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerin

We provide EVERYTHING!

Don't bring along plates or cups or bowls or cutlery or serviettes or knives. We supply EVERYTHING that is required to host a party. Just bring on board your food and drinks and everything else is already here.

Smoke on the Water - Led Zeppelin

We Provide Drinking Water

We supply FREE bottled water so please don't bother lugging it to your party. The booking companies all tell you to bring some in their general information, however onboard XTsea it is included!

Someone Left the Cake Out in the Rain (Macarthur Park) - Richard Harris

Cakes and donuts don't work! Seriously!

If you want to bring along a cake, we'll try to squeeze it into our limited refrigeration, plate it up, and bring it up to the saloon with plates and knives. However our experience is that after a few hours on the harbour and a lot of drinking, there is usually very little interest in eating cake. Most of it ends up in the bin.

If you MUST have a cake, we suggest a small one. Better yet, bite-sized sweets and chocolates do tend to get eaten.

Ice Ice Baby! - Vanilla Ice

Let's talk about Ice.

Drinks are best served cold. In the middle of a hot day on the harbour it is surprising how much ice will be used, especially if your guests are drinking spirits.

We supply four bags of ice FREE for the first charter each day, but subsequent charters will need to bring ice along. Two additional bags is normally adequate, but we will let you know our thoughts when we call to discuss your party.

Play that Funky Music - Wild Cherry

Congratulations! You have booked the charter boat with the best audio system on the harbour! Give some thought to the music you want to play in advance as there is nothing worse than having a DJ-wannabe swapping music mid-track all day.

If you have a Spotify playlist, make it public and let us know in advance and we'll have it running as XTsea approaches the wharf.

99 Luft Balloons - Nena

Ballons and Decorations - Please  don't.

It gets windy on the water, and space on a boat is limited. Balloons and decorations generally are not worth the trouble and create a lot of problems.

Red Red Wine - Neil Diamond

Red wine causes staining on the boat's hull. We ask that if you bring red wine aboard you do not take it to the foredeck.

Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Presley

High heels have no place on board a boat and your guests will be asked to remove them for their own safety.

We recommend bare feet during summer and we usually end up with all the shoes and thongs in a pile.

We are not super-fussy about non-marking soles as most people don't even know that they are wearing them.


Ça plane pour moi - Plastic Bertrand

No Single-Use Plastics

We do not allow single-use plastics like cheap cups and straws to be used aboard. They tend to fly off the boat in wind and are very damaging to the marine environment. If someone has a medical requirement, we will provide them stainless steel straws on request.