The cheapest way to provide food for your event is for you to do it yourself, however if you would rather not have the hassle then we can help.

All the options below can be customised to your requirements.


Each platter will serve 8-10 people

  • Grazing table - Cured meats, olives, pate, sundried tomatoes, peppers with cream cheese filling, dips, bread and crackers. $90
  • Premium Arabic breads, dips and vegetable sticks. $70
  • Cheese Platter - A selection of cheeses with gourmet crackers, dried fruit and/or seasonal fruit. $70
  • BBQ Chicken - Two chickens, two salads, bread rolls. $65
  • Wraps - meat and salad or vegetarian. $65
  • Subway Subs - meat and salad or vegetarian. $70
  • Premium sandwiches - various fillings on white bread. $65
  • Seafood Platter - tiger prawns, oysters, smoked salmon and lemon wedges. $110
  • Sushi - standard ($75), premium ($85) and deluxe ($100)
  • Fruit pieces - seasonal fruit in bite sized pieces. $50
  • Premium Dessert Platter- an assortment of decadent treats. $60


  • $20 per person : Sausages, kebabs, two salads, bread/rolls.
  • $30 per person : Steak, sausages, two salads, bread/rolls.

Select from potato, coleslaw, pasta, Greek, and garden salads.

Tea and Coffee

Free Coffee and Tea. Nothing fancy, but if you crave a cuppa we are happy to oblige. Just ask.